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Bike Repair and Tune Up in Redondo Beach

Corbin’s Redondo Bicycle in Redondo Beach is the number one bike repair shop for basic and major tune ups. We offer basic tune-up services like complete lubrication of drive trains, adjustments of gears/shifters, inspections of cables/pulleys, and more! We also offer more extensive tune-up services like adjustments of brakes and hub bearings, inspections of cables, wipe downs of bikes, among many other services. We have been providing bike repairs and tune-ups since 1970. Our team has always been family oriented, recreational, and friendly. We promise never to pressure you into a purchase. Our priority is to help you select a service, bicycle, or accessory that suits your needs and style perfectly.

Trusted Bike Service at Corbin’s Redondo Bicycle

If you’re looking for trusted bike service, quality name brand bicycles, high-grade accessories, and exceptional customer service, Corbin’s is the place you need to visit. We are also stocked with a variety of recreational bikes for different uses like, mountain bikes, electric bikes, hybrids, road bikes, unicycles, BMX bikes, tandems, and beach cruisers. We also have a wide variety of bike parts and accessories in order to give you the whole package. Every bike purchased in our shop comes with a lifetime warranty on frames and a one-year warranty on parts. Whether you need a new bicycle, a repair, tune-up, or a few accessories, we promise you the best quality and deal possible.


  • Complete lubrication of drive train
  • adjustment of gears and shifters
  • inspection of cables and pulleys
  • inspection and proper inflation of tires – $30.00-$40.00 (parts extra)


  • Complete lubrication of drive train
  • adjustment of gears and shifters
  • adjustment of brakes
  • adjustment of hub bearings front and rear
  • adjustment of bottom bracket and headset bearings
  • adjust spokes and true wheels (severely bent wheels extra)
  • inspection of cables, pulleys and mechanisms
  • inspection and proper inflation of tires
  • wipe down of bike (degreasing and/or rust removal not included)
  • $60.00-$75.00 (parts extra)

CLEAN LUBE and Adjust

  • Complete tear down and disassembly of drive train
  • cleaning and solvent bath of all parts
  • Re-installation and re-lubrication of all parts
  • Plus, all the adjustment that comes with a major tune-up – $150.00
  • Full Service!

We also offer a la carte service, in case you just need a tube, new tires or something else replaced.